Monthly Archives: November 2010

Gun Point

I was 9 years old. We were travelling by car from Kitwe Airport to Chingola in northern Zambia. It was 1978. There was a rebel uprising so there were road blocks and curfews in place. We came across a check … Continue reading

Little Earthquakes

A month after my dad died I answer the house phone, it is an old friend of my dad’s ‘is Chris in?’ and I have to tell him that no, Chris died a month before. I can hear the man … Continue reading

A teenage parent’s experience in brief

I became a teenage parent at the age of 16, a very daunting experience! I remember the day i found out 2 weeks after my birthday. My world had changed! It was like a wall of white was surrounding me … Continue reading


As I became independent when I was 51, I realised that life was much harder. I began to do things by myself in my new flat in Coldean. Starting to cook for myself; attending the day centre washing, cooking and … Continue reading

The Cut

I was circumcised when I was about two, about 40 years ago, for reasons then seen as medical. I know this now to have been a very drastic solution and something that could have been avoided. I write about this … Continue reading

A nice time drinking with my Mom

I had a lovely weekend with my Mom, I went to the café; I had Coke and Chocolate cake. We went to church together and spoke about the church and London. I’m looking forward to visiting my Mom over Christmas. … Continue reading


I like to hang out in my room; I watch television and maybe listen to music. My room has pink walls and pink bedding. I draw pictures of my friends and I designed a game I made on paper. I … Continue reading

Curtains to the ‘Poor Me’ drama

It’s as if I’ve played a role in my ‘Poor Me’ soap opera drama all my life. As I told family and friends the next installment it would add fuel to the drama and I was concreting my role in … Continue reading

a small chapter in a childs life

I was the youngest of five children, born in the forties right smack bang in the east end of London,i have been blessed with a very good memory and it easily goes back to when i was two years of age. i … Continue reading

“A good enough mother” is good enough

As a professional working with children I knew that I had all the skills required to be the “Perfect mother.” I read book after book in preparation for the arrival of my child. I was determined to have a natural … Continue reading