Curtains to the ‘Poor Me’ drama

It’s as if I’ve played a role in my ‘Poor Me’ soap opera drama all my life. As I told family and friends the next installment it would add fuel to the drama and I was concreting my role in life as a victim. Some of the experiences I’ve had have definitely been great fuel for my ‘Poor Me’ drama too. In the past I’ve experienced bullying, rapes, a miscarrage, an abortion, loss of love, addiction, depression…. etc.

However I’ve only recently realised that I’ve been living in the present as if all those things were happening now. They are in the past and that is where they’ll stay. I’ve made a conscious decision that my past will not define my future and to live and love my life just the way it is, and isn’t, in the here and now….. and that gives me so much peace of mind and joy.

The prescious present is what I choose to create moment by moment, there is no perfect pink and fluffy land or state to get to it’s just right here right now, so thank you for reading this. This is no dress rehearsal, this is it, so you choose.

For so long I longed for someone to love me and to love now I have both in me.

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