The Cut

I was circumcised when I was about two, about 40 years ago, for reasons then seen as medical. I know this now to have been a very drastic solution and something that could have been avoided.

I write about this to inform and warn people of this surgical procedure.

There is no blame in my heart just a need to inform people.

What this does to a boy, to a man is almost incalculable.

This seriously affects ones life on all levels physically and emotionally.
I feel like I’ve been living an inverted life, someone elses. We are told it’s better than uncut, I had to convince myself of that because the loss was so great. As a child I remember being absolutely horrified at what had been done, I wore a mask (over my persona) to cover what had happened ever since.

It made me feel exposed and always on edge and after a while keratinisation occurs which forms on the exposed gland, the same stuff of nails and hair. So after exposure one then becomes slowly desensitised yet the rub of clothing and the cold still affects ones number one.

And then there’s sex. Never could figure out what was wrong, now I know. The gland looses it’s moist sensitive protected state and becomes a dried out, insensitive stump. The foreskin holds some of the riches and most densely packed nerve ending s in the body, it’s cut off. You should see what’s done to new born infants without anesthetic, it’s truly barbaric.

You get the idea there are many other bad points to it, probably the worse being psychological. It’s not for me to go into detail here but just to let people know to do their own research.

The silver lining in all of this is the process can be somewhat reversed by restoration. This is a long process of several years though the results are worth it and are truly life changing. Sensitivity can be regained amongst other things and although it will never be quite the same this is some reprieve.

I don’t blame my Mum and Dad, they did what they thought best and they were always loving, I love you Mum and Dad.

Please Mums and Dad’s don’t do this for any reason there are other options, please do your research and if you have been cut don’t despair, again do your research and look into restoration.

Many thanks kindest regards, love and laughter.

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