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I have now being a Dad for 3 years, and its the most exhilarating, brilliant and emotionally experience I had ever had! The first time she laughed, taken her first step, climbed to the top of the biggest slide at … Continue reading


My Dad was like an annoying shadow until one day I realised he had been the rock sheltering me all my life.

A Lasting Tradition

It is the small lessons learned from our fathers that often have the biggest impact on our lives as men. As Indigenous Peoples our traditions, our culture is passed on by the very act of a father teaching a son … Continue reading

Man Suit: A Poem For My Teenage Son

This a poem I wrote called Man Suit – about my fears for my son reaching the end of his teenage years. It’s called Man Suit…… MAN SUIT This baby place remembers you, newly made – a smile, perhaps imagined, … Continue reading

My dad

My dad is a wonderful man, i love him so much, i used to think he was greatest most inspirational man alive. He has supported me through everything to the best of his ability until recently, he became an alcoholic. … Continue reading

Fathers Day Exhibition

Dandelion Stories has linked up with the Men’s Network. ¬†We will be holding a public exhibition of stories of Fatherhood for Fathers Day and later for¬†International Men’s Day Can you help us collect Dads’ Stories from around the world in … Continue reading

Dad’s gift

My father’s gifts to me and my two brothers are many. But the one that stands out the most was his teaching us the value of spontaneity- how to find something interesting in every ‘just so’ situation. My father is … Continue reading

Thanks Dad – now I understand your love

I never really appreciated my dad when I was growing up he was just the man who was always there. And as I became a teenager and young adult I turned him into the man who was never there and … Continue reading

“This is how I roll!”

In the ten month gap between taking the Oxbridge Entrance Exam and going up to Cambridge University in October 1983, I taught for two terms at Clifton College Prep School in Bristol. I vividly recall one Sunday morning watching a … Continue reading