Monthly Archives: September 2011

My mate

A man he trusted not long before we first met had raped him a year earlier. We immediately became mates. Him a straight lad living with HIV and me just slightly older, a gay man on the game. It never … Continue reading

One Young Man’s Story Of survival.

Last year in February I was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 20 and nearly died because I didn’t realise I had it. How I actually found out was from watching channel 4 embarrassing bodies and I was … Continue reading

Being Circumcised

I am a 76 year old widower who like many of my generation was circumcised at birth I think I was about 7 before I realised that something important had been taken away from me. I always lacked self confidence … Continue reading

My hunger for control

I was 17 years old I suffered an injury playing rugby. This lead to an operation and meant that I could no longer play the game I loved. By being forced to stop the sport I soon found myself drifting … Continue reading

Previous exhibition: Nov 2011 Brighton Dandelion Stories supported volunteers from the Mens Network to work with local men and women with learning disabilities to create an exhibition in Brighton to mark International Men’s Day. The exhibition took the form or … Continue reading