Being Circumcised

I am a 76 year old widower who like many of my generation was circumcised at birth I think I was about 7 before I realised that something important had been taken away from me. I always lacked self confidence and have come to think that I suffered from a unconscious form of Post traumatic stress disorder. For the last 3 years, with the support of NORMUK and a website called , I have been restoring my foreskin. Before that I did not know it was possible but I have regained a lot of sensitivity I never had before. I realise that although I was happily married for many years I was never very good at making love. I am aware that since the NHS came into being the number of men being circumcised has dropped considerably but some people are arguing, falsely, that it can prevent the transmission of AIDS and others do not realise that if they suffer from a tight foreskin (phimosis) that it can be resolved by stretching rather than circumcision.
I would plead with all fathers to do what I did and prevent my sons being circumcised I am sure that as well as being bad sexually it leads to personality and psychological problems. I just wish I had known about the potential for restoring the foreskin at least 50 years ago!

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