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An open letter to my parents….

Dear Mum and Dad You must have thought that it all went terribly well the day that I asked the question “Why is mine different from Dad’s”? You told me that I’d had “a little operation to avoid trouble later … Continue reading

Geoff’s story of abuse

I met Helen on an online dating site and at first our relationship appeared idyllic. She soon fell pregnant and we made plans to spend our future together. Soon afterwards I found out that she was an alcoholic in recovery … Continue reading

I lie on the floor with my headphones on

A poem written by a man with mental health problems…… I lie on the floor with my headphones on I lie on the floor with my headphones on the music is balm and pleasure It helps my mind from blowing … Continue reading

On circumcision

I am 58 years old. I was circumcised as a baby upon a doctor’s recommendation. As a young boy, I soon noticed that I looked different to my father and to other boys and men. I didn’t see another other … Continue reading

My mate

A man he trusted not long before we first met had raped him a year earlier. We immediately became mates. Him a straight lad living with HIV and me just slightly older, a gay man on the game. It never … Continue reading

One Young Man’s Story Of survival.

Last year in February I was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 20 and nearly died because I didn’t realise I had it. How I actually found out was from watching channel 4 embarrassing bodies and I was … Continue reading

Being Circumcised

I am a 76 year old widower who like many of my generation was circumcised at birth I think I was about 7 before I realised that something important had been taken away from me. I always lacked self confidence … Continue reading

My hunger for control

I was 17 years old I suffered an injury playing rugby. This lead to an operation and meant that I could no longer play the game I loved. By being forced to stop the sport I soon found myself drifting … Continue reading

Why Mummy’s bedroom door was closed…..

I remember the pillow being wet. It was the first night I slept in a different house to my daughter and I woke up on a wet pillow, because I’d been crying in my sleep. She was two at the … Continue reading


I have now being a Dad for 3 years, and its the most exhilarating, brilliant and emotionally experience I had ever had! The first time she laughed, taken her first step, climbed to the top of the biggest slide at … Continue reading