To add your story to the site, click on the Add Your Story link in the menu above. You can then enter a title to your story in the first box, and your story in the next.

You can type up to 650 words. There is a message beneath the box telling you how many more words you can type before you reach the 650 word limit. Once the limit is reached you will not be able to type any more.

Underneath the main story box you can add tags for your story. These are words or phrases that will help others find stories on a certain subject in the future. For example, if your story is about friendship, youth and a lesson that you learned from your father, you could enter tags for that story like this: disability, son, young, teenage, parents, father, dad

In the future, people searching the site for a particular subject can then find relevant stories. Tags are also listed down the right hand side of each page and underneath each story. Clicking a tag will list all stories that have been tagged with that word.

Once you have finished, you can either click the [ Preview your story ] button to see what it will look like on the page, or if you just want to submit it straight away, click on the [ Send your story ] button.

Once your story has been sent in to us, it will be held in a queue.  It will normally appear within a couple of days.

Thanks for taking the time to share your story or read those of others.

**PLEASE NOTE by submitting a Dandelion Story you are giving permission for Dandelion Stories to reprint and exhibit your story.  Thank you **