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An open letter to my parents….

Dear Mum and Dad You must have thought that it all went terribly well the day that I asked the question “Why is mine different from Dad’s”? You told me that I’d had “a little operation to avoid trouble later … Continue reading

On circumcision

I am 58 years old. I was circumcised as a baby upon a doctor’s recommendation. As a young boy, I soon noticed that I looked different to my father and to other boys and men. I didn’t see another other … Continue reading

Being Circumcised

I am a 76 year old widower who like many of my generation was circumcised at birth I think I was about 7 before I realised that something important had been taken away from me. I always lacked self confidence … Continue reading

The Cut

I was circumcised when I was about two, about 40 years ago, for reasons then seen as medical. I know this now to have been a very drastic solution and something that could have been avoided. I write about this … Continue reading