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Why Mummy’s bedroom door was closed…..

I remember the pillow being wet. It was the first night I slept in a different house to my daughter and I woke up on a wet pillow, because I’d been crying in my sleep. She was two at the … Continue reading


My Dad was like an annoying shadow until one day I realised he had been the rock sheltering me all my life.

Man Suit: A Poem For My Teenage Son

This a poem I wrote called Man Suit – about my fears for my son reaching the end of his teenage years. It’s called Man Suit…… MAN SUIT This baby place remembers you, newly made – a smile, perhaps imagined, … Continue reading

Thanks Dad – now I understand your love

I never really appreciated my dad when I was growing up he was just the man who was always there. And as I became a teenager and young adult I turned him into the man who was never there and … Continue reading

Little Earthquakes

A month after my dad died I answer the house phone, it is an old friend of my dad’s ‘is Chris in?’ and I have to tell him that no, Chris died a month before. I can hear the man … Continue reading

The journey of being a mother

I always thought that when I became a mother I would be married to a loving and responsible man, have a house and be monetarily stable. It didn’t happen that way, so for many years I was desperately sad about … Continue reading

my dad died when i was a teenager

The experience that has changed my way of looking at the world the most was when my father died when I was a teenager. I used to think as a child that adults and especially parents were al knowing and invincible … Continue reading