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My dad

My dad is a wonderful man, i love him so much, i used to think he was greatest most inspirational man alive. He has supported me through everything to the best of his ability until recently, he became an alcoholic. … Continue reading

Thanks Dad – now I understand your love

I never really appreciated my dad when I was growing up he was just the man who was always there. And as I became a teenager and young adult I turned him into the man who was never there and … Continue reading

“This is how I roll!”

In the ten month gap between taking the Oxbridge Entrance Exam and going up to Cambridge University in October 1983, I taught for two terms at Clifton College Prep School in Bristol. I vividly recall one Sunday morning watching a … Continue reading

What does love mean to me?

Love to me is what makes us human. Love connects us with all beings, the planet, the universe and with ourselves. Love is the light within us. ‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at … Continue reading

A teenage parent’s experience in brief

I became a teenage parent at the age of 16, a very daunting experience! I remember the day i found out 2 weeks after my birthday. My world had changed! It was like a wall of white was surrounding me … Continue reading

The Cut

I was circumcised when I was about two, about 40 years ago, for reasons then seen as medical. I know this now to have been a very drastic solution and something that could have been avoided. I write about this … Continue reading